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Life with a ?

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Not allowed to make the music that I would

my thoughts are truly reckless

and very  misunderstood

so now it is only poetry that I play

with in the backyard of my mind each and every day

I am not too courageous yet my name , that's what it means

I am not a warrior and I am not allowed to scream

I am in a prison of emotion and psychotherapy

Debating on to watch it end all inside of me.

I talked to many people about what is going on

and if I did die it would raise too many questions about myself

to run away will not make the troubles go away

so act as if... you crazy b****…. you are a robot now

made of flesh... but do your best.... not to care anyhow.


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I feel sad, that no one left a comment here, so I do. I don't know if you read this, but I think this is beautiful and you are perfect. Should make a song out of this.

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