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Lyrics - Angel In The Drone

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More lyrics. The title track, I guess. Enjoy.


Angel In The Drone


I'd cast the weight of the solitude aside

Let the shells fall and the militant isolation die

Running under the earth and inside the halls

The walls, they call for the relapses and the withdrawls


The trenches that my mind dwells in

The phosgene gas drowns the senses again

A parade for the dream machine but it's all true

I'd do everything and more for you


The caskets filled with pasts left behind

are buried with hindsight that finally aligned



A voice from the static and the fuzz

The buzz calls from the angel in the drone

Wicked tales you weave and relationships you grieve

I hope you will never feel alone


It's just some ratio, a fatal metronome,

lost in the mazes of my old homes

I feel the grief's hard to swallow and I just face the fact

that my musings are the byproduct of some interstellar lounge act

But when the symbols of affection are a foreign script,

longing for the fury road and entrance to the crypt

You are the only one in my crystal ball

Deliverance comes whenever I fall


Oh to stay in the mimeosome, view the invasion from the new foundation home

And in times like these I need some clarity, the puppet blocks the pain momentarily

But I can't hide forever in the past, it flashes back to the future of my iconoclast

To prove a point, we talk about whatever

The roads less traveled lead me in the direction

that sends messages to biodegrade forever


The caskets filled with pasts left behind

are buried with hindsight that finally aligned




Whenever the Ghosts take form

and the shapes the mouth makes come hard-worn

It's something that I feel far too often

and who I used to be is soon forgotten

Which strand of DNA is me?

What containment unit connects us organically?




I wanna set the heavens in motion,

traverse this malignant sprawl

I wanna excommunicate from this notion

just in time to disappear once and for all

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