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Lyrics - I Would Part Oceans, But I'm Powerless At Sea

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


I Would Part Oceans, But I'm Powerless At Sea


It's not something that I usually do

Try to rotate through my comfort zone for someone new

I guess you're just that worth it to me

Clearly, or else I wouldn't catch the retrograde in the sea


I can't sleep and I can barely think

The phantoms are changing and the battery's low

These notes on my phone are replacing the ink

and I go and I go until I have these thoughts to show




Raised in the age of the hopeless romantics

all the chemical mixtures come down to semantics

and I wish this game show would pull the lights from me

The heat of the spotlight evaporates all that I want to be


But maybe someday the proper notes will play

and I'll find the words that I really do want to convey

I can't say when the multiverses collide

or when my life will finally subside


But until then

Now and again

The anxiety creeps up from behind the curtain

The one I thought I had covered for certain

On the screen and filling the spaces

I left empty in my broken faces

It pulls up a chair in the front row

just to show dominance, like I don't know

I know, oh I know




I've been blissfully alone for so long that I don't know how to cope

The low glow of the lights below show the shadows that I elope

Nobody's supposed to be here, the memories are so unclear

and the alcohol brings back the starlit days of my isolation, the conversations with myself always draw far too near


Nobody's supposed to be here, the memories are so unclear

Most of me is the silent introvert but this puzzle has more cracks than it appears

Nobody used to come near, my mind was overrun by fear

But this slipped my grip when my eyes tripped and you wandered over here

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