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1/8th of My Life Crisis

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I'm having such a hard time with my life right now. I'm kind of at a crossroads with what I want to do with my life. I'd like to go to medical school with a forensics emphasis so I could be a medical examiner, but I'd also really like to go to medical school and nursing school to be a nurse in the NICU, but I'd also really like to go to piercing school to be a professional piercer, but I'd also really like to go to cosmetology school... Do you see my dilemma?

None of these are really my "dream job." Just casual interests. The only problem is I live in 'Merica and education here is so damned expensive and I'm nervous about going to school for so long and spending so much money, and ending up hating what I studied and paying for a degree I'll never use until I die. (Such a positive thing - debt until I die). 

Any advice??

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It is hard to make such a big decision, but it is also supposed to be hard. I think a career within nursing might be a little more "safe" than a career within piercing, but both nursing and medical studies requires determination, because it can be really exhausting at times. I am a nurse myself, and it is an education that gives you many posibilities, but you also have to consider whether you are willing to work evenings/nights and holidays and if you like a lot of responsibility. Write down pros and cons, don't be hard on yourself and give yourself time! Best wishes.

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Brooklyn Baby


Like Göta, I'm also a nurse. Of all the career possibilities you listed, nursing is the quickest route to a stable career, with the lowest financial/time investment. In the U.S., you can go to school for two years (or even 18 months), come out and get a very stable job with good benefits and pay, and then your employer (if you work for a hospital) will likely pay for you to go on and get your bachelor's, masters, etc. I got out of school with $20k in debt and anticipate having it paid off within a couple of years, no problem. Yes, you may have to work evenings/nights but you get compensated well for it and you won't have to work more than 40 hours per week unless you want to. Contrast that with going to medical school... 8 years of schooling, hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of loans, then you get to residency and get paid ~$12/hr, work 80+ hour weeks, get treated like shit by everyone in the hospital, and give up your entire 20's in the pursuit of a very stressful career that eats up most of your life until you're in your 60's. 

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