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Lyrics - Where Have You Been All My Life?

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Where Have You Been All My Life?


Sometimes I feel roped into the case of a monolithic ideal

Some Casey Paul smitten by circumstances unreal

But that's what I get for keeping my distance,

and just opening up is a symbol of admittance

If I died today, what the hell would I even say?

Would I still be dragged by it in a transhumanist sort of way?


I doubt it, but by the time this transmission reaches you

Who's to say which image is really true?

The thoughts that drift in the oceanside submarine

like when you first got me into Florence + The Machine

and when you tell me about your family,

how you all fit together unusually


At the end of the day

and all that I think

All that I can really say

Is that...



     *Ladies Code "Dada La" sample in italics*

You ready? High high,

baby yo' so fly


(C'mon, drift over to me)


Dance, dance

we will make you fly


Talk through flicks and sound waves, too

It's all that I wanna be


I know I'm introverted and you say you relate

but somehow I feel this silence prevents any other state


I denied it before I met you, I think

The world was too loud and in the noise I could only shrink


Where have you been all my life?

To be fair, the timer on my hand has gone up a few times before

What have I felt all this time?

This meaningless life has lifted me from the reapers in my core


At the end of the day

and all that I think

All that I can really say

Is that...


(Chorus x2)


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