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Lyrics - By Your Hand, Your Mind, Your Bliss!

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


By Your Hand, Your Mind, Your Bliss!


Sometimes I fight the thought that I'm selling sceneries

How close is too close when it's mental highway robbery?

I write down so many versions of myself but it's always drawn in an opaque hue

Close enough are the verses where I only talk of you


Not that you'll ever read this, but it's one way to crawl out of the abyss

And some subtle strings of vagrancies have led me to this moment

telepathically launched in silo silence with every key component

Now that we're friends it's still what I asked for just without the summer kiss


There comes a point to where I'm dumbfounded

laying your hands on me like you occasionally do

Platonic in its symbolism but I digress

I confess, it's a gesture I wish I knew



I suppose I think I know you

more than I really do

But that's why I wander in the open air

treading in the footsteps of the realization that I do care

Traversing this unexplored planet beyond the light

continuing this existence, wondering if it's right


Send the killswitch into overdrive, you make me feel alive, coming down on embezzled tours from the times that I thrive

God could come close but he just wouldn't suffice, don't think twice, I'm following the portraits for just the right price

Your touch is the blossom from the garden of glass

I could sense the warmth from the glances I pass

There's a method to the celestial bodies I seek

Your humor hits me in ways I never felt, no one touches the way you speak


And it's something I fear, this fear is alive

Obsessed with the vitriol of how we've changed inside

But you're the light; the light bounces fair

No matter the virus, I can count on you being there




Wondering if it's right

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