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Feeling Trapped



Lately, I have felt like I am trapped in a rut. I have been working my ass off 24/7, and then when I'm not at work, I am cleaning the house or running errands or asleep. I hardly get a chance to just breathe and relax. When I do get a small chance, I'm so pressured by my own desire to do everything I like to do that I once again feel rushed. 

So, I have decided that everyday I need to take at least 1 hour a day to just decompress and relax. I figured I would share some of my relaxation techniques. 

Warm Shower or Bath

I always make sure I take a nice, hot shower or bath to just have some time alone. The warmth and the steam opens up pores and cleanses the skin. Not only that, but just being in a hot shower or bath is flat out the best. It feels so good to just be resting my muscles. 

Eating a Good Meal

Having a full stomach after eating something delicious makes me feel happy. Being a hoe for a good meal is not the only reason - it releases endorphins and actually makes you happy! 

Watching a Good Show or Doing a Relaxing Hobby

I like to watch my YouTube shows, play video games, and writing. Doing a small, fun activity can really be relaxing and helps me de-stress. 

Going to Bed Early

Getting a good night's rest of at least 10 hours allows your body to go into full REM sleep. This helps your mind and body "reset" for the next day. This is something many people neglect. Sleep is one of the most important things to do, so it's best to just set any differences aside and get a good night's rest. 


Hope this helps, and I hope you all don't feel as stuck as I do ❤️


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