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Lyrics - Comets En Masse

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A new set of lyrics. This is an album about love. Enjoy.


Comets En Masse


I recognize that no story has a happy ending

when death is the cruelest patent that we have pending

So I envy the way that you have purpose but I propose

the prose entwined in the artistry is what I fall back on, I suppose


This is just another gimmick where I confess

I'm the sum of all the colors and sounds from the influences I suppress

All the conglomerates I fuse in the fine carapace of the whole

Hanging on the precipice of the ideas that I stole

But there's ideas to be poked in the embers of the fire

When that feeling you never thought you'd catch became the one you now desire


It was a comet from beyond the dust

Impacting the earth and dissolving the foundation of my rust

It's the only story that I captured from the pieces I have made

Some science fiction tale of aliens bursting from the selfishness I betrayed

Like the films that you admire from their placement on the silver screen

But I admit that your favorite film of all is just the one that I have never seen

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