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The Deadliest Road in Idaho



So I live in Emmett, Idaho. Small town in a redneck state. Connecting Emmett to the capital city of Boise is a narrow, bumpy 2-lane highway called Highway 16. ID16 is a very notorious road, having a higher death toll than any other road in the state. Along each side of the road every few miles is a patch of crosses honoring the fallen. 

The reason why this highway is a disaster is simple - idiots who drive in excess of 20mph over the 65mph speed limit and a lack of guard rails. On each side of the road is a steep drop off into a ditch where cars roll when involved in even the slightest render bender. It also doesn't help most of the jackasses who traverse the highway aren't paying attention and fall prey to highway hypnosis, a trance-like state caused by driving long, boring stretches of road. 

I take this highway almost daily. And 9 out of 10 times there's a crash. The latest crash was at the bottom of the hill that leads into Emmett, and it shut down the road into Emmett for 4 hours during 5 o'clock traffic. This crash happened to be fatal. 

Here is a link to the news article about the crash:


The moral of the story is this: no place, no appointment, no person is important enough to run the risk of killing yourself or someone else behind the wheel. Pay attention, stay off your phone, and go the speed limit! Do not drive impaired, and this includes being too tired or intoxicated. With the winter months coming, leave your house early and drive slowly and carefully. If you feel like you are experiencing highway hypnosis, pull over and stretch your legs! Be safe, friends ❤️


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