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Lyrics - Phantasmagoria Euphoria

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More lyrics. Enjoy. Inspired by Covenant's "Helicopter". Second to last song from Synthesis.


Phantasmagoria Euphoria


To dream or not to dream

When dreams are just as real

as life as we know it

Though we don't know

the reflections they conceal


The laws of ecstasy

were made to be broken

When I try to take advantage

and the cloaked feelings

are better left unspoken



Until the souls are melted down

I want to hold onto this feeling I've found

But this wreckage is magnetic

I can't pull myself away

And the worst thought that I've had

is thinking that you'd stay


I thought I felt the hand of god

but that's neither here nor there

Who cares? Where'd you go?

It's an enigma with severed stigma

and chaos' light is only fair


I thought I had it planned

but no plan maps nature forming

in AI or the overgrown

Death is form euphoria

and mine serves as a warning





I thought I'd never leave


To hate is to consume

and I began the feast

And I wonder why

I let it get to me

until I suffocated the beast



I thought that you would stay


But this wreckage is magnetic

and god, I'd like to stay

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