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Lyrics - NEON

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More lyrics. Enjoy.




The streets are dimly lit in the scarlet haze

The tombs of the data line the forecasted days

Calling cards of The Orchestra's silence

It's in our nature, the glow of our violence

The noise that I fire echoes in every ear

The voices that transpire haunt all those that hear


Escape from the prism

To leave is why we were born

We are never contained

Trust me, I never will


To leave is to be free

To return is how we are formed

But to be free, we swallow pasts we've known

Trust me, I always do



Our lives are figments of our own creation

Not the products of our alienation

The lights generated from the energy within

Neon dystopia in the joys of sin

Just give in


The incineration of the holy foundation

entranced by the reconciliation

Arranged by the cosmic collider

the antibodies swell like the strobe of the rider

They're the natural orders

the way we fall into borders

the way we seek the way forward

the hopes all humans have been aspiring toward

Companions in the last room, the lighting in the last bloom

Your neon glow empties the fear and the last gloom

It's all new to me, the feeling of the energy

the lessons I never thought could be

the carriers of creation I see

The love I sense begins to condense

in the coalition of vibrations I fence

The mission has caused an obstruction that I'm fine with

causing my own abduction that I pine with




No matter where you go

Forever illuminated by the glow

No matter all that you know

The damaged will feint below



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