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Lyrics - Pixels on the Grid

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


Pixels on the Grid



I can't run, that's not me

Concoction of the futility

Street lights of emotions

Flickering nihilistic notions

Slowing in the tranquility


A quark is how it begins and a fork is how it will end

Paths splintered, diverging into multiple roads that curve and bend

We could use a little help but think we have to walk them alone

The void is not lit by one line but data streams in the recall zone

Even among us we fight; the underworld ruptures below

We have our own cards to play and the reapers take what they sow

What's it for anyway? I saw the system rip apart

The glow of the chosen ones was pictured from the start

What's the point then, when we have no identity of our own?

I'm too aware of the synthesized halos and even our saviors are home-grown




In the end, are we real?

In the end, are we real?


How far do we soar for some ideal?

How far do we soar for some ideal?

How far do we soar for some ideal?


When does suffering open its arms to love?

Somehow I feel all of us are willing to accept punishment from above

Though we deny it, though we try to preserve

Perhaps we all long for what we think we inevitably deserve

But that can't be, some predetermined fantasy

Is that way the pixels on the grid all wander absently?

I struggle with this, the shadows pull me under

Shadows I once hid in now no longer give me cover

Wavelengths like these are violent; it's cradling my fear

Once more, all I really long for is to finally disappear


(Chorus x2)

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