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Lyrics - Ballad of a Gambler

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


Ballad of a Gambler


I'll tell you, kid

It's not easy

Not easy being the one to rely on


There was the rumor

of bounties abound

on my crew; I had my own agenda


The toxin in the rations

we fought much like you do

If only I could free myself... I remembered



It was all on me, you see

I had to be free, part of the relief

and I paralyzed my fear and gambled

on the year, took them in to the

orchestrated sin, on a whim, it was grim

I needed the money but it got me nothing

but the temporary honey, now I have

no friends,

have no freedom,

I'm a heathen to the pillars of picking up the beaten


I lost myself

and drink to the sound

of The Orchestra that I once almost unwound


It's a cycle

The principles of the fear

One man's hopes crushed another's cheer


(Chorus x2)


And I was just like you,

plotting in the shade, in the vein of all that we degrade

But when we're down, down in the town of

the misery we've found, the feelings in the soul,

apparitions of control in a blood red Mecca

Cyber feelings in a modern-day Dekalog, the cabaret

in the snare of the eyes of Voltaire, we grasp

to any offering like air, but now I have

no hope

have no reason to live

but to offer these words that I give


I'll tell you, kid

It's not easy


I'll tell you, kid

It's not easy

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