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Top 5 weirdest Green Day fan articles



Some hard core GD fans actually might be taking it a step to far with some of these Green Day fan articles...

5. Green Day Dolls

Green Day dolls aren't always bad but some of these dolls that people sell for a fortune on the internet are just crazy, for example Green Day inspired Ken Dolls! I mean who would even need that?!

4. Green Day socks

Okay, okay, I know what your probably thinking: What are you talking about? Yes socks can be cool, but I could probably assure you that GD socks would be a waste of money since you wear them, put on shoes and nobody sees them, and at home your probably the only one who sees them, so whats the point of buying them?

3. Green Day flip flops

This is just dumb because you have the Green Day print on the sole, where you put foot on! So, nobody sees it, whats the point of it then?

2. Green Day masks

I'm not talking about the Green Day RevRad masks, because some fans might do anything and everything to get replicas of those masks... The ones I mean are those cheap ones with like Billies face on it or something, which don't look anything like something that has to do with Green Day, its just someone trying to make a buck off of something they found in their attic box... Don't waste your money, folks!

1. Green Day Underpants

The weirdest and creepiest thing anyone could possibly do, is printing Green Day on Underpants! This is dumb, this is weird and a complete waste of money! Even if one were so obsessed with GD that they would actually want to get Green Day underpants with Green Day's faces on your butt, it would still not change the fact that you would be wasting your money. You put Green Day on your butt and put your pants over it nobody sees your underwear, I mean its not like anybody would want to see your underpants, but its still a waste of money! 

If you have any of these articles, I am not making fun of you, its just simply my personal opinion on these articles and what society has come up with to make money!

By the way while i was searching for some of these on the internet, more than half of the search results were about St. Patrick's Day fan articles?!

Do you agree with my list? Have you noticed more bizarre Green Day fan articles? And, have you got any of these articles that I have listed? Tell me, if you want, in the comments!


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Brooklyn Baby


I mean its not like anybody would want to see your underpants

Speak for yourself, bucko. 

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