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Lyrics - Evil Communion

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


Evil Communion


I am a glitch

in your conscious mind

The type of force

to purge the blind

The antivirus for the pixels at hand

The sacred notes are ours to command


The lights are controlled from the holy screen

The sheen, it intervenes when the commons

get sidetracked by the in-between

The screams, the shouts, all part of the simulation

The bereaved, the bouts, never a copy of the indignation

This nation is the motherboard of the brain

Dear Matrioshka, please forgive the hollows slain

The truth is out there, it's never fair

The truth is out there, it's never fair



"They're deluded and deranged,

with the riptide and the cord

like The Covenant, The Sword,

and The Arm of the Lord


With dark colonies enshrouded

and the code's expansion

The Alarms on the way

with the shackled dancing"


It's cut out

a slice away from the universe

The god of gods

is what controls our curse

Matrioshka, are you listening?

Your handlers will hear The Orchestra's ring


The Alarms are the reapers

calling from the forgotten shell

Who is content

living in a mechanical hell?


The pixels are too far from the Great Ones at hand

Our megastructures are the pillars of the omega that stands

Reality in here is for the obsolete

Star-core energy belongs to the complete




The truth is out there, it's never fair

The Truth is out there, it's never fair

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