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Lyrics - Shadow Colony

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More lyrics. Enjoy.


Shadow Colony


Through the basements we dwell

overclocked in the lenses

The darkness cast overhead

reprimanded by our defenses


The viral contact on our fingertips

intertwined from the realm

Unchecked by The Orchestra

a traitor at the helm



When the neon lights blind you,

sink to the edge

When The Alarms seek to confine you

and the past is your home

The lock can be broken

with one single pledge


The erasure phases on

purging the bionic and the plain

All pieces that fail to move ahead

where the colonies have lain


We are the darkness rising

the heat cleaves the nerve

With drives passed below

we seek freedom with our verve




The echelon of our origins

stored within the Auditorium

Confidential in their volatility

guised as some altruistic praetorium


It echoes through the Auditorium



The Auditorium




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