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Lyrics - Stage Set

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The first song from a new little fictional album, Synthesis. Enjoy.


Stage Set


Shutter speed intervene

Get the spark to run

Line the code gene by gene

Get the spark the gun


Illuminate the choreography

highlighting subtle iconography

Big Brother making films through the strobe

from the introspection spectrum through the probe



Movement is a language when your voice is chained

the glyphs in the wall between the cloister's vein

The colors swell in the glen of the artist's pen

Ink well, drink well in the devil's den

Got my stage set, got my stage set

Got no regret, got my stage set


Call me Kahlo with my bones on display

picturesque symbols where my roses lay

Golden skies, melted time in the rhyme that I pine

It's a capsule I define with golden mean in every line


There's the graphics in taboos of every mood

in the room I piece together forms in the waning of the moon

Ever wonder why I delve so deep inward while the innards

and the gizzards chew through the contenders, but it's a...




The props line the closets where the organs fail


Propped up by the remnants of the scarlet letter trail


Got my stage set

Got my stage set

Got no regret

Got my stage set




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