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New Discovered Albums (Months of June and July)

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Arthur Buck - Arthur Buck (2018) 8.5 /10

A genuinely feel good indie album. By Joseph Arthur and Peter Buck (Of R.E.M) this album has this unique aesthetic to it. I think that as a debut album it's a solid album. At first the vocals had to grow on me. But I adore the vocals now.  I Am The Moment, Forever Waiting, Summertime, and American Century are indeed bangers in my honest opinion.  It's not the best album out there; but it's up there in my collection. I will definitely pick up copies (CD and vinyl) for sure. I am indeed electrified. Thank you for the new tunes Peter and Joseph.


Gorillaz - The Now Now (2018)  8/10

Definitely some chill out music. It's ok for chill out music. Far from being perfect. This is the first full album I've checked out of Gorillaz. To be honest, I've heard some mixed reviews about Humanz as well. Will be checking that album out. The Now Now is definitely not gold compared to Demon Dayz but a solid album nonetheless. My favorite tunes off of The Now Now has to be: Idaho, Hollywood, and Souk Eye. Personally this would be my go-to chill out music, if I wanted something in the background while blogging or cleaning my space out (bedroom).



Death Grips - Year of the Snitch (2018) 8/10

Death Grips usually never disappoints me. When I first heard about Death Grips, it was through some videos on Youtube and memes of course. So this is the first album I gave undivided attention to, and I like it. Definitely out of my usual rock and metal genres that I listen to on a daily basis; sometimes 4-5 times a day per song. Death Grips has this unique sound to hip-hop that I personally enjoy.  Favorite songs from this particular album Death Grips is Online, Dilemma, and The Fear. I hate how much Death Grips get bad reputation for being shit. But I guess it's part of the meme they are.


R.E.M - Out of Time (1991) 10/10

Ok I know this is old news, but hear me out. I haven't heard the full album. I was an idiot music fan; that was limited back in the day. Now that I have Spotify, I have full access to this album. I know for most the picks on this album is going to be Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy People. My picks for the best songs, would be Texarkana, Near Wild Heaven, and Endgame. I really adore this album, because Mike Mills vocals really shine here. Especially in Texarkana, and Near Wild Heaven. I give this a perfect rating, and that's rare for me.


Alison Wonderland - Awake (2018) 7.5/10

First discovered today. This may have to take a few listens to bump it from a 7.5. To be honest, there's good tracks and bad tracks on this album. I shouldn't say bad, it's more like I probably would skip if I had to. Or I'd listen to this once in a blue moon type of song. It's all that electro-chill out music people are raving about these days. This artist so happened to be on one of Spotify's automated playlists for the summer. The more I listen to it, the more I may like it. It's not perfect. But it is indeed aesthetic for the Tumblrites.


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