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Lyrics - Solar Spasm

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The title track and last song of my little fictional album Solar Spasm. Enjoy.


Solar Spasm


Spiral into the landmass

Enter the scene


Gyrate your interspace orbit

Embed the screen


What will the future hold?

How far can neurotransmission go?

Your infinite energy

crosses the universe for you and me


Solar spasm

Solar spasm



The possibilities flood our unconscious

from the burst of our being

Forever has taken so long

the eruption must go on

The light that began shall end in sync

The ties that loosen have drained the ink


The stardust emboldens our mind

Set with the props of time


Radiation seeps through the shards

Abduction from the celestial enzyme


Where will we end up now?

Where will our status allow?

Our limitless battery

emblazes the tide of human history


Solar spasm

Solar spasm





The wonder of it all

Though insignificant it may be

The fascination stands tall



Sampled from Underworld's "M.E.":

It's a beautiful destination

For what it's worth

A beautiful destination

Goodbye Mother Earth

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Nice one. I especially love the chorus. I could totally imagine it with music as I read it :D 

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