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Lyrics - Some Melancholy Mourning

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More lyrics. Enjoy. I envisioned it sampling "Some Velvet Morning" by Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra.


Some Melancholy Mourning


Some melancholy mourning

you eclipse my soul


I shudder at the toss

of every roll


Understanding the rituals

that we do

I misconstrue

Failure is our name


Some melancholy mourning

we preach and destroy


We weep at the cost

of a broken toy


Resting at the thought

of what we do

When the flash is blue

Failure is our name


Some melancholy mourning

we tear down the walls


Universal trials pull up

when another falls


I just want to tell you

through the woes

and the throes

Soteria is my name


Some melancholy mourning...


You eclipse my soul

of every roll


We preach and destroy

of a broken toy


We tear down the walls

when another falls


Some melancholy morning

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