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Smoldering Panda


*The title of the sermon today is inspired by the song by the aptly titled Chumbawumba. 

Chapter/Verse/Hymn 3 - Head above the water.

Hello there. If you haven't read the last two entries in my randomly updated blog thing I suggest you do for context~.

As always, disclaimer that if I offer any opinions that they are my opinions and if I ramble I ramble.


I think I'm winning, y'know? 

I'm being battered a lot by my brain but I'm very rarely staying down for 10 at the minute. Sure, I have lapses of fuck the world, and fuck myself but doesn't everyone? If anything it's good old procrastination that's holding me back a little.

I'll start with the positives, most I've kept to myself to now. I've always been private really, always a help people out but never reveal my troubles if prompted.

I was 20 stone 1lb at the start of the year, and am now nearly 18 stone. Through dieting and (kinda when not procrastinating) exercising I can see the physical progress I have made, as shown by the lack of double chin and I can kinda see my hips. :lol:

I have not relapsed back into gambling at all this year, as someone who did this daily this is a massive step up for me. It does help that I blocked everything from myself to stop including through my bank and PayPal, using programs that are password locked that block the sites. I kinda realize that, whilst not working currently I'm sure I will get this when I do start a full time job again, I'm not running out of money as much, so I can afford to go to London and see fellow members. 

I have amazing support thanks to fellow members on here, and hey if you're reading this and we don't talk, drop a message. I'm always up for talking to new people. I'm always happy to offer help and advice for problems.

So yeah, let's keep fighting. Together if we can.



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I don't care


You're fantastic. The best. Keep fighting! 

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Get it Liam :wub: You deserve good things.

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Jane Lannister


I am so proud of you Liam! :wub: You're amazing and always so helpful and you deserve the best ♡

Also Chumbawamba is fantastic :P

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I'm so happy to hear this. You're always there for everybody and it's about time good things start coming your way :wub:

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