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I Wrote This Song For You

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I Wrote This Song for You



I wrote this for song you.


I hope you didn’t have me confused

with someone who throws moments like this away. 


While I have your attention, 

there’s oh-so-much I’d like to say.


What if I told you that when you smile,

I feel compelled to do the same?


Or, what if I told you, that when it snows I’m happy 

because I’ve seen your face glow while the white-crystals fall 

softly above you on the trees.


I don’t normally like the snow, but these days 

you have me swearing that I do. 


What if I told you that your almond eyes 

have my heart jumping every time

they catch mine?


That your voice grooves

through my ears

like a snake charmer’s song.


Or, that your touch on my arm 

turns the air electric.


What if I told you I love 

the way clouds of smoke move 

cursive from your lips?


Smooth as the rhythm of your hips 

dancing in the moonlight. 


What if I told you that I’m feeling 

especially honest tonight?

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