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Popular Topics: November 2017

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10 Most popular topics for November 2017
1) Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song - 786 posts
2) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 523 posts
3) Green Day Instagram Photos - 296 posts
4) Blasphemy & Genocide: Unpopular Green Day Opinions, Part 2 - 248 posts
5) Random Green Day Thoughts - 230 posts
6) 'Back In The USA' video - 178 posts
7) Green Day is already going straight into the studio? - 162 posts
8) Green Day Q&A Thread - 115 posts
9) Revolution Radio Promotion and Commercial Performance - 115 posts
10) Green Day Fan Photos - 104 posts

Top 5 Most Active Members
pacejunkie punk (503 posts)
SHART (246 posts)
Billie Joe Armstrong (219 posts)
Todd (208 posts)
desertrose (205 posts)

Top 5 Most Liked Posts
This post by Dai. in The Picture Thread
This post by Paola17 in 'Back In The USA' video
This post by ¡Jenn! in Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song
This post by Scattered Wreck in Green Day announce new greatest hits album 'God's Favourite Band' - featuring new song
This post by LaughingClock in American Idiot (The Film, Green Lit for HBO)

Members active: 505
New Members: 65 
Total Visitors: 18,599
Most registrations in a single day: 9 (November 21st)
Single busiest day: November 16th
New Topics: 90
Total Posts: 5,695
Total PMs sent: 129 new / 597 replies
Blog posts made: 14
Most viewed blog entry: I'm not Dead (Yet) (147 views)
Total Rep Given: 10,178

Hello folks. Lone here with your November stats. Last month was a total sweep for Green Day as far as the top 10 topics goes. We saw an increase of active members (+6%) and total visitors (+7%) from the month of October as well. To slightly recap: we celebrated the release of 'God's Favorite Band' with a new music video and Green Day concluded their Revolution Radio tour in South America. What's next for our boys? If you're looking for a place to voice your thoughts, we have a poll for that! 

P.S. Apologies for not keeping up but I've posted the stats from April-September 2017 so if you're interested, check them out here!

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The Ghost Dancer


I love how the fangirls basically ruled GDC for half a year :lol:

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