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Lyrics - Paper Alcohol

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


Paper Alcohol


I don't bow to hurricanes

When the need strikes,

you gotta take the reins

Soak up the poison, choking me

make me do things you wouldn't believe


Impulse or reason,

Moderation or greed

Believe in the sickness

Believe in me




Unable to be cured

Leave us to die

At the whim of the absurd


Rebounding coil

Incentivize the pured

Leave the young to cry

From the pike of the torturer


I can see it now

We're the ones left behind

A touch of the mortal

Cut even shorter from those unkind


I can feel it now

An obsession man-made

The caress of the bank

makes the world afraid




We are animals


The chain has been linked


We are animals


Spinal tensions, we blinked

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