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My Green Days #4 - Photos

Billie Hoe


A few weekends ago I stumbled upon a really cool neighborhood in Hamburg that's basically the punk leftist heartland. There's cute little shops, cool restaurants and street art everywhere. I fell in love instantly. :wub: If I could choose anywhere to live, it would probably there. In the first two pictures there were a few people watching a footballame in front of a bar. The second picture honestly isn't that good but I had to take it secretly because I loved his vest. I was kicking myself for not telling him that and later after exploring the neighborhood I was sitting in the train and fantasizing about complimenting him, and just in this moment he walked past my window at the station, and yet I never saw his face. :( 

I also randomly saw a feminist protest in the city which I immediately joined. I haven't been to any protest in so long (not because I don't want to go, but because I never know when there are protests in the city). It ended in front of the coolest building I've ever seen. It's called the Rote Flora (the red flora) and it's an old theater that's been occupied by leftists since the late 80s. 

dfBYawQ.jpg   wgbsoxt.jpg

euYxkhG.jpg    Az2o62U.jpg

3hnNegV.jpg    g40oAni.jpg

w5kDCBk.jpg  GxEjTM6.jpg  3TH9z6M.jpg

ok8sxC5.jpg    qGVrMmy.jpg

JSSZDFa.jpg    RPvficn.jpg

CYZB5GD.jpg    1qJRlZM.jpg

YKcA7uG.jpg    o9OxmDQ.jpg

iCd5ewp.jpg    diJCLYZ.jpg

FV7rGt5.jpg    GLdivMA.jpg

WIif9tY.jpg    RLvWIOA.jpg

dS1nSYf.jpg    O3SDjBd.jpg

Xlfcpst.jpg    W2Ik0l2.jpg

gwWZhAC.jpg    ApHkXCm.jpg

hf0CsTL.jpg  qFGJ173.jpg  xk3b9XV.jpg

L70lpXH.jpg    f6b7PuO.jpg

cuwRYmL.jpg    DVBziVh.jpg

xh050Jd.jpg    SCoE2ME.jpg

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Stunning photography, as always

Also :runaround:

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I'm just looking at each photo's details right now 😍

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