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Nico Talks About Stuff #8 - Hackers and Cheaters in Online Games

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Hey guys! I'm Nico, I'm wearing a hat with the colors of the German flag right now (I know it's not relevant to the topic, but whatever) and welcome to a new episode of: Nico Talks About Stuff, the blog where I talk about stuff.

Today's topic is something that annoys many gamers: Hackers and cheaters in online games. There are many types of hacks in games, and I will present them to you right here.

But wait! Before we begin, some of you might have seen the post called "Nico Talks About Stuff #8 coming soon". Well, I posted something that I did not want to post yet, and I don't know how to delete a blog post, so I had to replace it... at 5am in the morning. Life is tough, man. Anyways, let's continue.

Speed Hack

"OMG, I'm so fast! Nobody can stop me now--" Server Admin Kicked DEPortalFreak2004. Fail!

Infinite Items

Player 1: I will give you 2,000,000 vodk-- healing potions if you give me 200,000!
Player 2: How did you get so many?
Player 1: Tricks and more tricks, y'know.
Player 2: Uh, you do know I'm the server admin, right?
Player 1: ...scheiße.
Server Admin Kicked DEOrangeJuice2004. Fail!


Player 1: What the...?
Player 2: Hahaha, I can fly and nothing can stop me!! Oh, I took a dump in the air! Oops, I'm so sorry!
Player 1: Ew!
Player 2: Hahahahaha! Yeah, this is amazi--
Server Admin Kicked PoopyJohn. fail...

Infinite HP

Player 1: *shoots Player 2 a dozen times, he doesn't die* Dude, you're a damn cheater, that's what you freaking are!
Player 2: Was? Those are my German genes! We can withstand anything!
Player 1: Hey, come here.
Player 2: What's up?
Player 1: *punches Player 2 in the face, Player 2 dies*


So, yeah, hacking in online games isn't cool. If you hack offline, that's fine by me! It can be funny sometimes:

Haha, let me try "/give ham_sandwich"! Oh, it worked! Well... "/give two_sexy_ladies_in_bikini"... of course nothing happened. :(

Guess you can't always have everything...

So, the moral of the story is: Cheating offline is okay, but hacking online is just lame. It's unnecessary and just sucks the fun out of the other players. So, just let it be.

If you want to, write a comment about your opinion on hacking and cheating. Maybe you've used hacks before, who knows? Or maybe you have other stories to tell us. Just write a comment down below.

And here's a special message for the hackers: If you really need something to do that's unnecessary, just do something else, like hum the melody to On the Floor by Jennifer Lopez for 10 hours a day! (whoa I just remembered that song after not listening to it for like four years or something)

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