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Lyrics - The Pedestal

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Some new lyrics. Enjoy.


The Pedestal



to the burning stage

Fading in the envy

of men from every age


From the canvas to the warfield

the body to the mind

Epilogue to the destruction

The theory we seek to find



Tell me again, what you do

Laughter falls from the flares to you

Exile the happenstance

There's more to you than first glance

You are not above, you've sunk too low


Glazed disciples from the marble blue

courting the jester trapped inside

Through the rapids when you collide

The carcass expenditure you can't renew


Void is clean, imagery

The golden mean is obligatory

Repeals success in its story

Cracked view in synergy





It shifts



It shifts



It shifts



It shifts


From the same level, we rose up

From the same we return again

From the ones that you back up

From the same you fall then




Stone shatters with the membrane

A virus will tear through the walls

The podium you call from a vein

will be permeated by voices in the halls


It shifts

It shifts

It shifts




It shifts

It shifts

It shifts

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