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See The Light

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Smoldering Panda


Hello there. (As ever, apologies if my rant goes left, right, up and down and I don't claim to be a expert in anything. I'm also going out first draft-no proofreading writer.)

Chapter/Verse/Hymn 2 - Pre-Consultation. 

I always imagined therapy to have a big chair to lie on. Y'know, just like the movies or TV.  Turns out not, maybe when I get to my first proper assessment.

So today was my pre-consultation aka "We booked this appointment for you months ago, remind us why you are here, has anything changed?". And because nothing has really changed mentally, some good stuff has happened recently - thanks to you six. You know who you are. But I'm at this stage in my life for a reason

So after assessing over stuff with a professional (which I wrote in my first blog) it turns out that indeed I do need therapy - so my next appointment will be the real thing. Turns out after assessing all the stuff I told them/questionnaires/doctors references, there are four points they will focus on and officially diagnose:

Anxiety - Fully expecting anxiety, it has made me physically sick and the idea of social interacting (eight times out of ten) with people has me scampering for the nearest dark place.

Depression - Not really surprised, it has always been lingering around for many years now, hopefully will find a way to combat it so it fucks off entirely.

OCD and Bipolar - These are the surprising ones - after looking them up through Google (the scariest thing you can do) I find it now somewhat related to myself and how I've been acting recently.

So, now I wait for my first appointment and hope to crack the glass ceiling, to put some wood on the fire. 

Here's to trying not to give up.



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I don't care


Never give up, Liam. Never stop being you. We love you so much and I'm not only speaking for myself when I say that you mean so fucking much to us, to me. Never change. :wub:

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You wouldn't dare to give up :mad: jk

I know you can beat all of these and in the blink of an eye you'll find yourself happy one day :happy: Meanwhile we're here for you through the ups and downs of the journey.

We love you ❤

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Billie Joe Armstrong


We love you, Liam. You're such an awesome, kind person and you're way too badass to let any of this shit win. And in the meantime you have us to hang out with online :ga:

🔥🌲 you know what this means :wub:

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