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Controlling My Feelings For Too Long

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I'm not Dead (Yet)

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Hi all. I just wanted to come on here because I haven't posted in a while! :)


I have been inactive online due to multiple things...here are some:

  • I have been incredibly ill since September 17th. I was admitted to hospital for sixteen days and am still ill. I was told everything in the book; that I'm allergic to mushrooms, that I'm pregnant, that it's more kidney issues, kidney stones (which I had before, it wasn't that pain), etc. I have a fischer on my colon which is over 2" in length and am suspected to have chronic appendicitis. I was supposed to have surgery but was sewn back up because they said the surgery would split my colon. I am still in immense pain and going to multiple appointments weekly.
  • I am trying to lose weight. During the past year and a half I was on a very serious steroid to help with my kidney issues. Little did we even know my appendix was causing the infections in my other organs. Now that I am off of the steroids and switched to Cipro, I have been able to lose a lot of weight :D Not at my old size yet but so close and I am so proud of myself! My vegan lifestyle helps a lot with that to be honest. My face feels a lot less puffy when I sleep and my pants don't feel tight anymore. :D <3 
  • I have been in placement. I am in placement for a mental health agency in my city and it truly has been the best experience of my life, apart from any Green Day concert and meeting Tom. It is a lot of work but I am learning so much and really expanding on my social work skills! :) I hope I get hired here, it is my dream job.
  • Placement is 24 hours minimum a week. Classes are 10 hours a week. I work 10-20 hours at PetSmart a week, 4 hours a week with a client, and 4-8 hours a week with another client. All of my free time is used to do homework and talk to Tom and see my pets...also work out and build on my resume. :P
  • I have been applying for Master's programs. :) 
  • I have been applying for graduation awards.
  • This week I started going out with friends again and trying to make memories. :D 

And yeh! That's what's up with me. Mainly the two first things but I just wanted to let people know I'm not dead. :P I have some of you on Facebook and I love hearing from you all. I still am in love with Green Day (listening to 86 right now), and still stay updated. I am trying to improve on my mental health and physical health a lot and just want to cross that finish line to graduation! :D I miss you all and can't wait to be more active when I'm graduated. :wub: 

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Bully Hoe


Sounds like you're having a really busy time :) but I'm happy to know that you're doing so well, except for the illness of course. All the best ♡

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The Great Saiyaman


Mimi, you are so strong. :) I love having you as a friend and I am glad to see what you're doing. You'll get there! :D 

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Brooklyn Baby


So impressive that you're sticking it out with school/placement despite these issues! GI problems are horrible. I hope they figure things out soon for you!

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Hey Mimi, not spoken to you in ages, but glad to see you're well and hope any issues you have will get sorted out soon! :wub: 

(And although some of the stories are rage-inducing due to the people in your stories, I do enjoy the PetSmart talk on FB) 

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