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Nico Talks About Stuff #7 - Problems with Facebook

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'Sup dudes, my name is Wilhelm. Nico isn't here yet, but I'm supposed to tell you this entry is all about Facebook. That was my idea! I told him to write something about Facebook, but he didn't want to do it because it has nothing to do with games. However, then I gave him some orange juice. It tasted so good he instantly told me I have good ideas. Everything went perfectly. Have fun!


Hey guys, I'm your host Nico, and welcome to Nico Talks About Stuff! And today, we're talking about Facebook! Hold on... that wasn't orange juice... what the fuck?!

First of all, this won't be a rant about Facebook... at least not only a rant about it, I'll also present some good things about it.

So, what annoys you about Facebook? For me, it's those damn Facebook apps. I mean, okay, there are some good ones... right? But if you get something on your wall like:

"Does Nico have a crush on Rebecca Black?" No...?

"Does Nico have a crush on Justin Bieber?" No!

"Does Nico sleep with a stuffed animal at night?" Um... yeah...?

I know some of you are thinking I should block them. But they always return with a different name! For example, the one app I always block and always returns is: "What do you think of THIS picture?" And then there's a picture with... the duckface.

The Duckface Phenomenon

Have you noticed how many women do photos like this? Well... men don't get as turned on as you would think. Just for this entry, I asked 20 of my male friends on Facebook what they think of these pictures, and... well... let's get back to Facebook apps.

Some other stuff I don't like are virus apps like: OMG! SCANDAL: Rollercoaster Accident - The Media Held it Back from Us... seriously? The media hold a rollercoaster accident back from us?

Or stuff like this: SCANDAL! (Person 1) and (Person 2) Caught Having Sex - Click Here to See the Tape! First of all, who cares? I don't. Well, the thing is, if you download the application to see the scandal, you automatically send the same message to all your friends, which means: Virus. Wow, it's so safe on Facebook...

What also annoys me about Facebook is something that isn't their fault. It's certain people on the platform that have to tell everyone what they do every ten minutes. With their sweetheart, of course. "Lunch with sweetie :-D"

And the funniest moment is always when their relationship is over: "My sweetie left me... :(" 293 people liked this. "I FUCKING HATE YOU." Well, they added in those little buttons where you can show your emotions like sad, happy or something. But still, in that case, Facebook can be funny.

That concludes this entry of Nico Talks About Stu-- why do I write the same ending every time? Well, leave your opinion on Facebook in the comments. See you next Sunday!

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