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Nico Talks About Stuff #6 - How Media Treats Gamers

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Hello everyone! My name is Nico (you don't say?) and welcome to the sixth entry of Nico Talks About Stuff, where I... talk about stuff. Mostly about gaming. Creative, right?

So, today's topic is how the media treats gamers. By now, it's no secret anymore that the media thinks that gamers like me are retarded kids with lack of reality. And of course we're the ugliest people alive. But sometimes I wonder: Well, who are the ones with a lack of reality here?

The best TV show with the best fake news (in Germany at least) is called RTL Explosiv. I once saw a report about getting scammed on the internet. It kinda went like this: "Jenny from Dallas was also a victim of scam on the so-called Internet". The 'so-called "Internet"'...?! What fucking world do you inhabit?! Did extraterrestrials make the Internet or what...? By the way, have you heard of this so-called "Google"? I heard it tastes yummy!

I'm waiting for now, and in three years there will probably be a guide on how to get started with the Internet... "And now, you move the mouse. Don't be scared, it's not a real mouse!"

At least you get to see things in the "Internet", not just dull humor, like: "Patrick died by crashing into a kitchen roll. His friends are deeply shaken." "Ha Ha You're Dead."

Of course, I don't mean all media, just some outlets. I have a message to these outlets: You say gaming makes us angry, right? Okay, sometimes that's correct, but I think you might have to look in the mirror and see what truly makes us aggressive.

But now, I'm asking you guys out there on the "Internet". What's your opinion on this topic? Leave it in the comments below. That concludes this entry of Nico Talks About Stuff. See you next Sunday!

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