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Nico Talks About Stuff #3 - New Games VS. Retro Games

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Hey guys, and welcome back to Nico Talks About Stuff! Read the title to see what my name is. No, it's not "Stuff".

Before we start, there will be multiple characters speaking in this post. You can differentiate them based on the text color: White is me (Nico), yellow is the person who likes high end games, red is the person who likes retro games. Okay? OK. And of course, I hope that no one here is like the yellow and red guys. :D

So, what we all know is: there's various tastes, various opinions, and of course various types of pizza. I know it doesn't really fit to the theme of this post... whatever.

But today, we will talk about: New games or retro games? But STOP! Before we start, I want to respond to a comment that Trotsky left on my latest post about Counter Strike, in which he was surprised that people still play that game. And he also said he's old. So, for the first part: I also thought CS died out after the long nothingness after Source, but then Global Offensive came out and almost all of my friends started playing it. For the second part, 25 is not old. :D

Hey man, get to the point already. Just tell that nostalgia idiot that the new games are way better than the old rotten crappy retro games!

You have no idea, dude. Just look at those new games! It's only about graphics, and the gameplay and ESPECIALLY the story just falls out completely. Crysis is the best example!

Don't talk shit, man! Look at Portal 2, good graphics and still gameplay and story!

Well, Portal 2 is an exception. But I'm talking about all those first person shooters, and I CAN'T OPEN THIS BAG OF CHIPS!

Guys, just calm down! I think a few people are worse than the discussions themselves. What do I mean with that? I have no idea. Just kidding. First of all, there are these people...

What, Nintendo and graphics? Nintendo is just for little kids, I play GTA on PS4 all the time man! I have this gun here and-- what is this umbrella doing here, I want a gun!! There we go-- A SHOEHORN?!

Oh really...? And how about... Splinter Cell? Resident Evil?!

Splinter Cell? Resident something? Doesn't count man, it's for little kids too.

And also, the term "nostalgia" is always used so positively. Do you know about the "nostalgia factor"? I will demonstrate it by using a conversation me and a friend of mine had a few weeks before Zelda: Breath of the Wild was released with the Nintendo Switch.

Yellow (me): Oh, I'm so excited for Breath of the Wild! You too?

Red (friend): Nope, Ocarina of Time is better.

So, how are you supposed to know when the game isn't even OUT yet?!

Ocarina of Time is the best Zelda game and NOTHING CAN EVER GET BETTER.

(shaking head)

This over-the-top conservative thinking is just... over the top! Just give the new games a chance. The developers always have new ideas. Maybe they'll release the Umbrella Gun... okay, that's not a good idea.

But we all see that everything gets newer. And in a few years... everything will be 3D. Maybe not, but that's not so important.

And that concludes the third episode of Nico Talks About Stuff. Leave your opinion in the comments: Which do you like more, high end or retro? And I'll see you next time. Bye!

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