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Nico Talks About Stuff #2 - Is Counter Strike a killer game?

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Hey, I'm back! Today, I want to take the time to talk about Counter Strike. As you can see from the title of this blog, my name is Nico. Yay.

Counter Strike is one of the most popular shooter games of all time. Everything you have to know about that game is shootin' people, shootin' more people, and campers (I'll talk about them in a bit as well).

I'm just kidding. Let's go into more detail about this game. It's basically a battle between the Counter Terrorists (the good people) and the Terrorists (the bad people). The Terrorists can win in two ways: They can either wipe out the entire Counter Terrorist team, or they can place a C-4 somewhere and let it explode. The Counter Terrorists can win in three ways: They can either wipe out the entire Terrorist team (who would've thought?), they can defuse a C-4, or they can save a hostage.

As we all know, every game has some points of frustration. I think Counter Strike has a lot of them, but my dog says it's just because I'm such a noob at that game, so...

So, here is my list of the Top 3 things in Counter Strike that annoy me the most!

3. People saying weird stuff on servers through voice chat

Why do people do this? Imagine you're in this situation: You just join some random server, and because you're friendly, you want to say "Hi". Response? "Sup you freak we're extreme here and you'll be gone soon, ohhh"...

You don't know what's going on and think it's just one person who's being annoying. You type in "How are you?" and a second person sings "I'm doing fine, yeahhh"

I mean, it's okay if you keep it limited. But don't just do stuff like that after every word-- "Word, word... words are so pretty, woah-oh..." WHAT THE HELL?! It's just unnecessary and annoying. But as you can see, that's not the worst thing...

2. Various players you can find on some servers

First of all, it's just SO ANNOYING when some people just shout into their microphones... especially in a language you don't understand. Then, there are the wonderful campers. They are these players that just hide in one spot and kill everyone in sight.

And now, don't say it's tactical waiting. For me, tactical waiting is when you stay at one place for a short time. Not through the entire game! But there's some players that just take the cake...

Hackers. Cheaters. Cornflakes. Oh, wait...

Yeah, they're just the perfect candidates. There's one question: Hackers and cheaters, why do you do that? Do you feel overpowered through it, or do you have no life?

"but y?!?! i have a house made out of obsidian and theres lava flowing around it--" Minecraft is NOT life! "wat do u mean?!?!"

However, if you cheat in games, you indirectly admit you have no skill. That's why hackers and cheaters are... how should I say it... b00ns! But don't worry, you will eventually stop... maybe.

1. Anti Shooter Games

Now, this isn't a problem with the game, but the game plays a big role in this one. Think about it, what annoys about every gamer who plays games like Counter Strike? We're all annoyed by this ONE THING.

"Forbid this useless violence! Forbid killer games! All killer game players will become gunmen!"


Dear Anti Killer Game community... what's going on in your heads? Do you really think that games like that are the main reason for rampages?! And what about the social complications? Mental disorders?!

Of course, it can happen that shooter games can drive you to do stuff like that, but for that you already have to be kinda... you know...

If there's one thing that made me more angry, it was Mario. Do you remember the underwater stages in the original Super Mario Bros. with the bloopers? Oh man, I was angry at that! So, I don't think you should put the blame on shooter games. But they still do it. I WILL FIND YOU-- I mean, I don't think that's right.

If you want, leave your opinion about this topic as a comment, and I'll see you in my next post!

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People still play Counterstrike? Wow, I was playing Counterstrike in 2003. I'm old. 

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On September 25, 2017 at 9:44 PM, Trotsky said:

People still play Counterstrike? Wow, I was playing Counterstrike in 2003. I'm old. 

Well i didn't know Counterstrike existed in 2003

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