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Lyrics - Reach Into The Moon



New lyrics. Enjoy.


Reach Into The Moon


What if I run now?

Will I ever be okay?

Do I deserve you?

Do I deserve anyone today?


Sometimes visions are all I see

nothing is ever real

The distance seems too far

for me to ever feel



Reach into the moon

That is where I reside

A counter to everything we see

That is where I hide


If you see the moon

hanging from the line

Fear me, for I have

fallen from the divine


Why do you stay by me?

When I never get things done?

What is the path of

stars when the lights run?


I always say what I mean

to better my own view

Driving away the remnants

of my chosen few




Living in air pockets

away from the fear

Giving into the torment

of relapsing when I'm so near



Roaming among coasts unclear


Do you hear the bells now?

They've only come for me

I'm the leader of the sinners

but it's what sets me free




I'm positively negative

and I remain unchanged

Realism tires out

the unholy and the strange



Seeping into the void


Riddles only confuse

when science is my point-of-view

There's no reason for this feeling

but it ends when I think of you


Orbiting out of skew

into what is true




Into what is true


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Great man!

By the way this reminds me of Joy Division's lyrics :P

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On 8/6/2017 at 5:24 AM, GreenDayTheory said:

Great man!

By the way this reminds me of Joy Division's lyrics :P

Thanks a lot; that's very high praise!

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