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Lyrics - This Rosemary Sky

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New lyrics. Enjoy.


This Rosemary Sky


As the sun shines over the hills

and the dawn is pierced

by the bolt of the damned


The wind caresses my skin

with the needle in your life

calling you in on the knife


Tread not the path of hate

The boat set sail

to tear down the veil



This rosemary sky

once brought a tear to my eye

When I pulled away

from all my darkened days

and took grip of the blood

and rose above the flood


The image is always unclear

but open your eyes

stop living out of fear


The baggage weighing you down

Unpack your mind

and face what you find


Fuck the rest; start living for you

Walk with respect but

don't cloud your view




Sometimes there's no sympathy;

only eyes filled with apathy

I forgot most of them

but abandoned that problem

The poison choking me

died in rosemary


What a beautiful day

even when you're not okay

but will get there some way

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