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Lyrics - Sirens



New lyrics. Enjoy.




I entertain the thought of you

won't you listen to me?


I never knew just who I was

until I wished I could see


I tie you up and you lie me down

in this cosmic debris


I want to hear your call

won't you sing to me?



Oh, I know just what I need

you're a siren, make me bleed

I'll share my treasure and the peak

of the night and sinner's entropy


If the Devil's real,

he'll be answering to me


The shadow of the snow

melts under my feet


The call of the wild is

made unknowingly


I wanna hear your call

won't you sing to me?




Now, I have figured out my path

A statue of the aftermath

Locked in the public, I have the key

This is only between you and me

Reject the holy prison

restore red velvet supervision


I wanna hear your call

won't you set me free?



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I will be willing to help you write those songs.Just message me tempo,genre,etc and I'll make a chord progression.

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47 minutes ago, Jake69 said:

Don't act like you're a song writer extraordinaire. :lol:

Well i am trying to be but i have Writer's Block so i can't write lyrics.

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