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"Going Out" (lyrics)

Big Cheese


Here's my first song in a while! I'm actually really proud of it, but if you've got any suggestions or whatever, feel free to leave a comment and tell me!

The song's pretty much just about how I was feeling in April. It was such a great month for me and I had a fun time, but I didn't have any motivation to go outside and do stuff. After battling some serious depression last year, it's taken a little bit to get my inspiration back. It's definitely coming back, but slowly. Part of it's also just me feeling like a loser 'cuz I see all my friends doing cool shit like starting relationships, getting married, having kids or whatever while I'm just sitting here doing virtually nothing. It's actually kind of a hybrid of a lot of songs I wrote a few years back that I've worked on and combined into one song. 

EDIT: I've changed the title to "Going Out".

Also, just for fun, I'm gonna put the chords for the song in here so you guys can actually get an idea of what it sounds like! It's in standard tuning and all of the G's (except in the intro), A's, Csus2's and D's are open. The low E's are too, obviously. :P

Fsus2, A5, B5, A5, G [repeat 3 times]/F, Esus4

   G                    D                      E (high)
I get up in the morning and I look out my window
          G                  Dsus2               Bm
It's a sunny April day and there isn't anymore snow
              G                              D             E (high)
I wanna go smell the Spring air but I have no motivation
      G                     Dsus2                    Bm
Depression got a hold me and just killed my inspiration

   G                        Dsus2                    A            F           E (low)
I look over to my friends and they seem to have it made
G                                       Dsus2          A          F               E (low)
They're all starting their lives while all I've done is delayed
          G                           Dsus2             A           F         A*
Everyone's out getting married and I'm just left behind
        G                      Dsus2    A                F          E (low)
Still waiting for the girl for whom I've always pined

Transitional riff:
G, A, Fsus2

              Em  (low)           D               Csus2         Bm          A
There's not much I can do when I stay in my room all day
Laying here wasting away
          Em  (low)          D                            Csus2     Bm         A
I just need to go outside, and then perhaps I'll see the light
And everything will be alright

Another transitional riff:
Bb, Csus2, D

Em                 Csus2           D                G (high)
I just feel so small in comparison to you
Em                    Csus2             D                              G (high)
When I take a look and see just how much you grew
Em                             Csus2           D                        G (high)
Then I look into the mirror and I see I'm still the same
Em                     Csus2                         D                     G (high)
Nothing cool or special, and there's nothing to my name

Another fucking transitional riff:
G (high), F# (high), E (high), D


[Intro riff again and that's it]

* The reason there's an A there instead of an E is 'cuz I made a mistake while recording a rough demo of it and accidentally played an A. I decided I liked the way that sounded and kept it. 


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I am gonna write as many songs as I can this summer when I don't have homework to do instead! Let's record! 

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Big Cheese


1 minute ago, Todd said:

I am gonna write as many songs as I can this summer when I don't have homework to do instead! Let's record! 

Hell yeah, man! That'd be fucking sweet!

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