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What is Death?

Lady Darkling



Is this death?

My bones melt,
I drop away from myself,
choking air sticks to my soul,
my life dissolves in oxygen,
and my thoughts off and empty.

Is dreaming death?

I hide myself in clouds,
body still visible and cold,
my entire being vibrates,
the excitement of one answer
makes me restless and breathless.

Is hiding death?

The door sings for me,
slow and sweet,
I cannot go back anymore,
nor do I want to, to a life
meaningless and full of phantom pain.

Is heaven death?

It is standing in front,
on the other side of the door, smile
upon its lips. First friend,
then grandfather, and last

Is she death?

She does not open the door for me,
staring at the body I have no longer,
at the thoughts that fell from my pockets,
but she has not words for me,
emitting only hatred.

Is pain death?

She whispers something that does not reach
me, I near the glass
of the door, hand moves on its own and on this
door it sits, and in that second her words
come: “You are not welcome here.”

I fall from the sky and die,
then arise and in an abandoned road
I walk.

I think life is death.


Moods: suffering from a migraine since like 4 AM and now it's like 12 AM and I have to read a thing for AP Lit what is life


Stay Dirty


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