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Hermione has been promoted to Admin



I'm so excited to announce that @Hermione has been promoted to Admin. I've only been asking her for several years.  

She will join Lone and I in helping to run the forum and make decisions about the team and any changes we're looking into. 

Hermione has always been very kind and incredibly thoughtful and fair when it came to disagreements either on the team or when discussing issues around the forum. She'll be a wonderful addition to the admins and I'm very excited to have her helping in this new role.

Thanks for accepting the offer, Hermione! :happy:

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Nice to have such a warm welcome, thanks all :D 

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Awesome! Congrats but I would have bet my balls to a dollar she was already an admin so why did I think that?

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Much like I thought it was weird for @AlissaGoesRAWR to go from blue to orange, I'm having an existential crisis over your username showing up blue! It's supposed to be orange, like your avatar! :lol: 

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