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Camping for Green Day: A Poem Inspired By Last Weekend

It's Splash Time


There's many ways the write about your first time seeing your favourite band live (Leeds, 05/02/17), an event I've waited for for over half my life. I chose my favourite: rambling, inconsistent poem, filled with references you may or may not get. 


cover the streets 

in your plastic garb

throw your blankets out

and run inside

rain for cover

like a stampede of unicorns

know your enemy

never forget

the fallen

king sized hopes

and pocket sized regrets

the confetti of the crystal maze

dreams are made

as others crushed

time moves too fast

what are you waiting for?

drunk italians in the night

constant changing colours

to feel warm again

the sleep that evades us all

chasing a new high

wrapped in foil

feeling faint

but still alive

pinching yourself

because you're still breathing

shake your fist at escalators

tour the world in your rucksack

check in

check out

live on the road

buses and trains

start another chant

we are the unreleased songs

the unplayed tunes

the stolen tapes

we are the cereal bars in the morning

the doughtnuts in the afternoon

the McDonald's in the middle of the night

we are the waiting

blue hair running up and down

waving sticks

mouth is dry

feet are numb

heroes thanking heroes

cursing politicians

all we need 

is love and positivity

and another encore




anyway, here's wonderwall

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"Anyway, here's Wonderwall" definitely sums up that camping experience 😂

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