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Overall 2016 Stats

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10 Most popular topics for 2016
1) New song "Bang Bang" coming August 11th - 7,412 posts
2) Green Day in the studio 2016 - 6,823 posts
3) Revolution Radio - 5,631 posts
4) Green Day Instagram Photos - 3,435 posts
5) The Green Day Fangirls' Confessions Thread - 3,264 posts
6) Random Thoughts - 3,024 posts
7) Random Green Day Thoughts - 2,379 posts
8) Being Single - 2,103 posts
9) May the IVth GDC Regulars Club be with you... - 1,892 posts
10) 02 - Bang Bang - 1,853 posts

Top 5 Most Active Members
JJ1964 (4,647 posts)
Jane Lannister (4,136 posts)
Tinkle (3,625 posts)
Steven Seagull (2,978 posts)
Libertine Angel (2,882 posts)

Top 5 Most Liked Posts
This post by Insomniac186 in Green Day in the studio 2016

This post by angry_robot in the Ultimate Green Day Poster
This post by Billie Hoe in Interview with Ticketmaster
This post by Matt. in Green Day started rehearsing for upcoming tour
This post by HeyOldManInWomansShoes in Green Day in the studio 2016

Top 5 Blog Entries
How do you deal with racist friends? (760 views)
The Journey (720 views)
Research Thread - Does socialism lead to communism? (Part 1) (644 views)
The Gas Mask (614 views)

New Members: 1861 
Total Visitors: 212,793
Most registrations in a single day: 177 (August 6th)
Single busiest day: September 6th
New Topics: 1386
Total Posts: 133,851
Total PMs sent: 1,199
Blog posts made: 216
Total Rep Given: 173,777

2016 wasn't all bad. Our favorite band returned with a new album and our top topics of the year reflect that. At the end of last year, we asked visitors to vote for their favorite Green Day Green Day photos of 2016. Happy 2017 GDC and let's make it amazing.

Past stats.

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Recommended Comments

Bully Hoe


Oh, that time right before Bang Bang was released... good times :D 

(why is there only one post in "Top 5 posts"?)

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2 hours ago, Billie Hoe said:

Oh, that time right before Bang Bang was released... good times :D 

(why is there only one post in "Top 5 posts"?)

I think the embedded post ate them. :( (they're there now)

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