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New Chat System



The company that makes the forum software, Invision, recently announced that they were no longer going to develop their own chat system. The chat system hasn't had any real updates in quite a long time and they decided they'd be better off putting those resources into making the forums themselves better. 

As a result, we've removed the old chat room and have added in a new chat system that you'll find on the bottom right of the window when browsing the forum. Yes, it's meant to be very similar to Facebook chat since that's a system many are already familiar with.



The new chat allows you to chat one on one with your friends


Or join the Chat Room with other members



If you want the chat to stay open when you browse around the forum, you can either click the "pop out" arrow on the top right so the chat opens in its own window. Or click the 'gear' for settings and enable "Keep Room Open". 



To close a chat window either click on the title bar of the chat window, or click the chat buttons on the chat bar itself. 

If you're in the chat and want to report someone just hover over their name and you'll see the following options. Select "Report Spam/Abuse" and chat mods and admins will get a report and be able to look back at that point in the chat. You'll also see that mods/admins can "Silence" a user (a temporary timeout for up to 5 minutes), or kick the user from the chat entirely.



That's the gist of the new system. We hope to see you guys in there and we can find ways to improve this functionality. So far, I honestly think this setup will be much better than the old entirely separate chat system. 




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