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Review: My musical highlights of 2016

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In this post I just want to share my musical highlights of 2016

Song of the year: And then there was silence - Blind Guardian (A Night at the Opera, 2002). No day has passed without I listened to this masterpiece. 14 perfect minutes of music.

Album of the year: Imaginations from the other Side - Blind Guardian (1995) and Litourgyia - Batushka (2015)

Best album released this year: Winter's Gate - Insomnium

Best concert I've been to: Hans Zimmer, hands down. I still shiver every time I think about it. It was so perfect, so great and a dream coming true.

Best festival I've been to: Ragnarök Festival. It was small and cozy and cold (because it was in the beginning of april and I slept in a tent!)

New genres I discovered: Black Metal, Blackgaze, Doom Metal

New bands I discovered: Agalloch, Nargaroth, Nocte Obducta, Swallow the Sun, BATUSHKA!!

Festivals I've been to: Ragnarök Festival, SummerBreeze, Christmas Bash

Concerts I've been to: Hans Zimmer, Brainstorm/Winterstorm, Amon Amarth

Concerts Ive missed again: Sonata Arctica, Behemoth, the Vision Bleack, Van Canto ( :( )

Highlights of 2017: probably live-album of Blind Guardian, Insomnium Show at Ragnarök festival, NEW WINTERSUN ALBUM!!!

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Awesome!! Imaginations is also my album of the year! Seeing that shit live was such a gift. Saw And Then There Was Silence done in 2006 and 2010, quite epic indeed. And not the "epic" everybody throws around these days. Blind Guardian is as truly epic as a band can get musically. Only some can get it I guess, nice to see your getting into more Black Metal and stuff, wouldn't worry about missing Sonata Arctica live, quite boring in comparison to Guardian. My favorite song on the recent tour was getting to finally see Time What Is Time live!! And finally meeting Hansi of course. What a year for Blind Guardian, glad you got to meet them too.

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I quite envy you a bit because seeing And then there was silence live is still a dream of mine. Did they play the outro? Or did they stop (as usually I think) at the holy light shines on... part?
Time what is Time is a favorite song of mine too because of the wonderrful intro. One of the best intros ever.

Everyone tells me that Sonata Arctica are boring live but still their music means a lot to me because they are one of the first bands I listened to when I first got into Metal. And I will miss them AGAIN next year because they are coming to a festival which I was supposed to got but then I found out that a very good friend of mine will have here wedding on that weekend. Argh.


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Last time I saw it live was 2010 so it's hard to remember exactly but I assume it was the usual live ending. Sounds right, around the holy light shines on part yeah. I got right in front of Andre for the Time What Is Time intro last September, was so happy!

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