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Big Cheese


Hey, guys! Just thought I'd come on here and give an update on me for the people who don't have me on Facebook or just haven't seen my posts.

I've been doing pretty good for the most part. Things got really bad for me from April to August, but luckily things are just fine now. I still have that fear that things are just gonna come back and shit on me again, but I try not to focus on that. On a more positive note, I'm working a lot more on my movies recently. I still write songs occasionally, but I'm a bit more into my movies now 'cuz I just feel like I'm better at writing movies that doing songs. I still plan to do one album though, but I decided to tie it in with my movies, so I'm gonna do a movie about my band. lol Me and Jaimie (my brother, for those who might not remember) are gonna be filming our first one here soon, like within the next month, so that's pretty exciting. For those who are interested, I have the scripts written for 3 of my movies, so just message me if you wanna read them!

I also became a vegan during the summer. I'd been a vegetarian for a while, but around June I suddenly became lactose intolerant for some reason, and since I was gonna give up dairy I just decided to go all out and give up all animal products. It's been going pretty good. I've slipped a few times for pizza ('cuz I love pizza) because no one here has vegan options, so I've eaten some pizza with no meat once on a blue moon (it's only been twice) and I just dealt with getting the shits. lol

Other than that, I'm kinda the same old guy you all know. I still listen to all the bands I used to blab on about to you guys all the time, and I'm still crazy over Nirvana and Dave Grohl and Foo Fighters and stuff lol. Other bands I've been listening to a lot recently though are They Might Be Giants, Dinosaur Jr, Husker Du, R.E.M., Violent Femmes, The Pogues, etc etc. If you guys hadn't noticed, my taste in stuff doesn't tend to change much. :P There might be stuff that I like a bit better that others nowadays, but I haven't stopped liking anything.

So yeah... Like I said, just thought I'd give an update for the people who might not be in contact with me. I really do miss all of you guys, and I hope you guys miss me too. That might sound a little conceited, but I just hope you guys have fond memories of me or enjoyed talking to me and stuff. I really do hope to talk to you guys a lot more soon.

Take care! :)

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Big Cheese


I was just bored reading through my old blog posts yesterday, noticed a few typos and fixed them, and now this is on the front page again? WTF? lol

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The Great Saiyaman


Al, you're the best dude. I love talking with you whenever I can man! See you in the chat room sometime. :) 

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