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Something Minor

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Something Minor



Sometimes I wonder 

how someone can have the audacity 

to stand on the edge

of the universe and

declare that they matter. 


It’s a matter of taste, I suppose.

We’re all just matter, I know.


On some level it comforts me 

that we’re nowhere close to the center of this place.


I stare at the stars,

but my gaze is greeted 

by nothing more than 

a constant glimmering apathy. 


For some, 

the idea seems maddening,

insignificance is seen as a sad thing

but I find in my mind that’s not what’s 



in fact I’ll happily claim the opposite is true. 

There’s a thrill in the unknown 

of what’s just out of view, beyond black horizons. 


We strive for something new,

so the skill of climbing the stars

is one we’ll surely use. 


Maybe we’ll start with Mars,

but from there what can we do?


Maybe we are a miracle,

or maybe we’re nothing more than minor minuscule beings,

we pale in comparison to the vast scale of the black horizons,

with endless things 

lying far beyond our ability to be seen. 

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