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Green Day: Still Relevant.

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Green Day: Still Relevant.

Green Day status as a band is colossal. They’re true wisdom chasers, chroniclers of punk rock, masterminds behind the art of rock operas. And their hearts are completely drawn to music and its values, its magical aura, its stronghold. The act from California are still relevant and fresh. Their music has always evolved and flourished, it has always been truly monumental. Their style may have changed over the years, but their true humbleness has stayed rooted.

Since 1986 Green Day have explored different musical angles and have morphed into a punk machine, tapping into genres and merging them together to create unique sounds. But are the band still relevant? That’s the question on the lips of many. And you know what? They’re still relevant, they’re still a band that many love.

The band has created some of the most infectious and lyrically cohesive songs of the last 20 years. From their bratty major label debut Dookie to the politically drenched American Idiot, the contributions have always been golden. Billie Joe Armstrong’s sneers and poetic strands have caught the imagination of millions. The leading man writes with verve and precision, opening up worlds and creating stories. He’s gifted and often misunderstood, but truly entertaining. The band as a collective are truly purposeful. They’re focused on ascending and overtaking what they’ve done previously. Their minds are tuned in and ready to empty fables when needs be.  

That’s why the Californian punk kings are still relevant!

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