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What A Paradise

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So due to the fact that Words I Might Have Ate will be removed, I thought I'd post all my songs here...I'll make a blog entry for every song, but try to explain my songs a bit more than I did in Words I Might Have Ate...

soo I start with What A Pradise:

What A Paradise

Oh what a paradise

It's my life

I live in paradise

Yeah it's my life

No depression

Following own decisions

I love my big city

with a big shopping center

sightseeing everywhere

still a silence when I need it

Oh what a paradise

It's my life

I live in paradise

Yeah it's my life

No fears

Following my dreams

I love my life

Where dreams are coming true

I live my dreams

And don't dream my life like you

Oh what a paradise

It's my life

I really do live in paradise

Woo hoo it's MY life! YAY!!!

Oh what a paradise

I have to say

It's how I want to live my life

Yeah I live in paradise

I wrote that song about my hometown which is totally small and you can't do much there. The song is sarcastic about that and and every single line is sarcastic ;) ...I don't really hate my town, but it's also not really a paradise and it's usually just totally boring...and to go shopping or buying a CD you have to go to the neighbor city.

...But at least we have the best pizza here :P

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