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Lyrics - Public Access



The start of a new set of lyrics from my conceptual album We All Live On Channel Z. Enjoy!


Public Access


It's a drama

focused on the center stage

Witness abound

looking to collect their wage


Holding the line

towing the vine

broadcasting for all to see


I've stated before

Drama's not for entertainment

Pixelated dreams

in forms of containment


Sipping the wine

we've got the time

juxtaposed by stereoscopic wings


Hold'em to the rhythm

when you can't get with'em

Arise and devise

a chance to disguise

With a new wave sound

we get down underground

Holding to defend

an enemy stated to be my friend

But the mood is right

and outfits so tight

I guess we all give in

when our worlds rest on a pin

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Hmm, those are some interesting lyrics you wrote! It's something for me to think about, that's for sure. :)


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