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Afraid of the Dark

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-I posted an older version of this some time ago, but it's been redone quite a bit since then.


Afraid of the Dark


Hello there,

temptress from my nightmares

I’ve got this place where we can hide

 Just bring your mind, leave the rest behind

We’ll go to the place that demons call home

A place where Gods, ghosts, and ghouls do roam

It’s like nothing you’ve ever known


Hello there,

No need for you to be scared

The demon’s dance does darkness bade

While the light of day fades away

Just remember, you’re not here alone

Down, down through the fires we go

To find the peace that the day stole


Follow me,

And we’ll enter for free

You see, our price was already paid

The dark’s control, your soul could not evade

But the trip is worth its toll

Listen not, to lies angels told

Learn the truth that darkness holds


Here we are,

Don’t be afraid of the dark

Can you hear the shadows whisper?

“Follow us, you know you miss her”

The sinister serenade is sweet

Though, it’s the secrets that lie beneath

that will sweep you off your feet


Look around,

All your fantasies surround,

You alone could have them all

You can rise, the rest will fall, But

beware, a shadow you can not trust

They’ll rob you blind with lust,

We must be aware


We’re prepared

Our minds are here, our bodies elsewhere

The shadows play their tricks,

but our sleeves hold secrets too

The dark’s a joker playing you for a fool

Yet, our bodies know what to do

This may be a place you always knew



Hello there,

temptress from my nightmares,

til darkness kisses my lips once more

and til demons dance, while fires soar

I must return to the place

 from which I escaped 

We’ll meet again, I know you’ll wait

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Is it wrong that I tried to sing the first stanza to the tune of the Blink 182 song?

Good work, buddy :)

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