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Controlling My Feelings For Too Long

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How I Imagined You

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I didn't know what to call this, but I'm bored and have wanted to do this ever since I saw the old Picture Thread. :P 


I wanted to do this thing where like, once a week or whatever, everyone decides on a member or something and I'll describe/draw how I actually imagined them? I hope I explained it right. We did it on an old forum before and it was super fun (we meaning my friends and I) and it was interesting to see/read what some people thought I looked like.

Plus, I have imagined you some of you guys waaaay off in the past. :lol:

So I guess it could work like, the more "votes" for someone or comment with most likes on it, I'll draw/describe how I imagined this person.


If this is a dumb idea let me know. :D I wanted to do something new on my blog, though. c: <3 

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